Cooperative Phonograph

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Fun Exhibits will premiere a new interactive, public art piece for the Chelsea Art Walk that opens June 2013. The Interactive Phonograph will be on display in downtown Chelsea, Michigan for one year.

coop_phono_closeup_700x525 Cooperative-Phonograph_700x525

My cooperative phonograph uses forgotten 19th century mechanical-audio magic in a sculpted interactive experience. This all-metal phono-record sculpture is unique because it is not at all fragile. A sound wave voice-recording of the refrain, “Love is All You Need”, is instantly recognizable as the coda of the Beatles’ song “All You Need Is Love” when my textured sound wave is scraped with a disposable phonograph stylus. The stylus is provided by the visitors themselves- a library card or a business card works very well. One person spins the sculpture- to control the rotation frequency (musical pitch), while another person holds the sound wave scraper and varies the amplitude (volume) of the musical experience. An organic sense of extended community emerges as visitors engage each other in this cooperative play.